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Apex Legends Beast of Prey Collection Event

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  • Opublikowany 14 wrz 2022
  • Blur the line between hunter and Hunted in the Beast of Prey Collection Event. Have you mastered the Apex Legends arsenal of weapons? Prove it in the all-new limited-time mode Gun Run. Face off in a fast-paced, quick burst experience against three other squads and score kills to ascend through a track of 25 weapons. Land the final kill with a throwing knife to win the match!
    Prove yourself a predator and collect 24 themed cosmetics including new Legendary skins for Horizon, Lifeline, Loba, Fuse, Pathfinder, Octane and Rampart. Unlock all 24 limited-time items during this event and you’ll receive Loba’s Heirloom, the “Garra de Alanza”.
    Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play hero shooter game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on PlayStation® 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Origin and Steam.
    Production Company: Electronic Arts & Dark Burn Creative
    Sound Design and Mix: Respawn Entertainment & Mass Audio
    All other categories: Electronic Arts & Respawn Entertainment
    Check out our PLclip channel: / playapex .
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  • GryGry

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  • Octane
    Octane Rok temu +4704

    Loba: Runs to Revenant to slash him with her fan
    Also Loba: 30 damage

    • shadowmm 13
      shadowmm 13 Rok temu +92

      also meanwhile revenant sythe hits 1st due to it range

    • ScathingSerperior
      ScathingSerperior Rok temu +95

      @shadowmm 13 It doesn't have higher range. That's a myth. It does, however, make him spin when he melees, so it is pay to win as he becomes harder to shoot

    • T.W
      T.W Rok temu +25

      @ScathingSerperior I don't think it manipulates the hitbox though. If you shoot where you were shooting before you'll still hit him

    • Minh Hoang Nguyen
      Minh Hoang Nguyen Rok temu +43

      I mean in Apex trailer everyone is like 10 health max

    • MisfitMind
      MisfitMind Rok temu +5

      @shadowmm 13 yea, that's not true

  • Rag Tagg
    Rag Tagg Rok temu +1651

    Loba: "There's a certain elegance to combat."
    Lifeline: Shoots Rampart in the back with a Peacekeeper.

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks Rok temu +383

    The best event I've seen in forever

  • MarkshMD
    MarkshMD Rok temu +30

    I like the part where the octane doesn't here the loba teleporting behind him. Truly an Apex Experience.

  • Autumn J
    Autumn J Rok temu +150


    • xxangeliccutie
      xxangeliccutie Rok temu +4


    • Autumn J
      Autumn J Rok temu +6

      @xxangeliccutie it’s our time to shine!!! Haha

    • SerenePhoenix
      SerenePhoenix Rok temu +2

      Me three!!!!

    • Solar
      Solar Rok temu +1


    • Nieves
      Nieves Rok temu +4

      As a loba main im crying also, it came out when i dont have money

  • Buster the Wolf
    Buster the Wolf Rok temu +35

    As a Loba main, I've been waiting sooooo long for this heirloom, I'm crying right now, I can't believe this is finally gonna happen!!!! 😭😭😭 And I gotta hand it to you Respawn, this event looks sick!!

    • MrGunzo
      MrGunzo Rok temu


    • ben stolen
      ben stolen Rok temu +2

      a loba main🤣🤣🤣 never heard of that

    • Buster the Wolf
      Buster the Wolf Rok temu

      @ben stolen welp, we exist believe or not 😂😂😂

    • Adrian 49
      Adrian 49 Rok temu

      I'm with you bro. Loba main here aswell🙌🏾 been waiting for this since 2 months ago when I got my first pack of heirloom shards😂

    • Dawsomesauce
      Dawsomesauce Rok temu

      @ben stolen I’ve been a loba main since she released.

  • DammitSinged
    DammitSinged Rok temu +2635

    _Man they're taking this whole "Predator" thing too literally, love it._

    • MegaZx31
      MegaZx31 Rok temu +64

      Yeah the helmets look like yautja helmets

    • Swapnil M. Parmar
      Swapnil M. Parmar Rok temu +32

      more like the Prey movie from this year. also, am i just crazy but that knife looks cool and maybe it should be a ground loot haha

    • Mestari1Gaming
      Mestari1Gaming Rok temu +9

      She looks good in her new skin. I like it!

    • pika9
      pika9 Rok temu +22

      Predator is super popular right now not only the movie but marvel have been making a killing on comic book cover variants that tie into the predator movies and also bringing back the predator comic

  • ToxicSin
    ToxicSin  Rok temu +247

    Every skin here looks amazing and I love the predator theme idea, it fits perfectly well with apex legends

    • Boring rays
      Boring rays Rok temu +9

      They do all look the same at least theres that

    • _ blooky
      _ blooky Rok temu +1

      Still a bit disappointed that vantage barley has something

    • ToxicSin
      ToxicSin  Rok temu +1

      @_ blooky Would be awesome if every legend gets legendary skins in collection events

    • RainyDay
      RainyDay Rok temu +1

      They kinda all look the same to me

    • ToxicSin
      ToxicSin  Rok temu +1

      @RainyDay the lifeline, fuze, octane and loba look the same because of the theme but only one that looks different is horizon

  • HorseHead馬頭
    HorseHead馬頭 Rok temu +49

    Definitely the best event in a longggg time, the skins are all top notch this time, good job respawn!

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon Rok temu +1

      Only time I play this game when there’s an event. I look forward to this one.

    • HorseHead馬頭
      HorseHead馬頭 Rok temu

      @sokin jon me too ngl

  • Sonic Mania
    Sonic Mania Rok temu +3

    This looks so epic. Could be the best event we've had for a long time. HYPED!
    Loba heirloom looks surprisingly good.

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon Rok temu

      Wow. Just...wow. I'm in love with the look of this event. Count me in.

  • P120189311
    P120189311 Rok temu +1843

    Just wanna point out... That sure was a lucky shot at 1:01 doing only 9 damage on that flying Vantage

  • erifezaf
    erifezaf Rok temu +72

    I love the “predator” event, can’t wait to see the bloodhound skin…..

    • Leo
      Leo Rok temu +1

      My exact thought...

    • Mr. Brutally Honest
      Mr. Brutally Honest Rok temu +1

      It was in last season BP

    • Corne Ellis
      Corne Ellis Rok temu

      bro i cant believe they didn't do a bloodhound skin I'm shook

    • Mr. Brutally Honest
      Mr. Brutally Honest Rok temu +3

      @Corne Ellis The last Battle Pass skin for BH was actually predator

    • Corne Ellis
      Corne Ellis Rok temu

      @Mr. Brutally Honest it kinda does look like it yes and I got it but I’m talking something super space alien vibe haha but I guess I’m picky. I’m a blood main and I have his heirloom and just looking for a next level skin now

  • BackAtItAKen
    BackAtItAKen Rok temu +21

    😳 This trailer ACTUALLY highlights all of Loba’s “best parts”…and we’re ALL here for it! 👏🏼

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon Rok temu +2

      Wow. Just...wow. I'm in love with the look of this event. Count me in.

  • Solaris
    Solaris Rok temu +962

    I have a feeling that Loba's heirloom will have secret animations with her staff and things that remind her of her family, which is something I can look forward to when getting it.

    • Mayonnaise
      Mayonnaise Rok temu +4

      @Stein xd

    • 21sled
      21sled Rok temu +5

      You mean when not getting it

    • The_ Emperor2002
      The_ Emperor2002 Rok temu +2

      But that flatline

    • 1010sams
      1010sams Rok temu +1

      “When” …Okay Mr bottomless credit card over here 😫

    • Duchcash
      Duchcash Rok temu

      Hi ! Somebody know when is this coming !?

  • Accidental Productions

    I’ve always wanted a predator crossover with this game, but I didn’t expect this

  • blado093
    blado093 Rok temu +26

    Knowing down everyone with one shot. Truly an Apex experience.

  • Cody Series - Official Channel

    Hands down the best event ive seen in forever! All the skins are FIRE AF. The new mode looks sick. The heirloom and animations are gas! My God its about time we get something this dope

  • MC
    MC Rok temu +3

    Beautiful skin..Beautiful game..I love this game!

  • kingkai
    kingkai Rok temu +2775


    • The Big Succ
      The Big Succ Rok temu +34

      Ok will it work tho? 🤔🤔 let’s hope

    • Thomas McDavid
      Thomas McDavid Rok temu +6


    • Thomas McDavid
      Thomas McDavid Rok temu +3


    • JRyan Enriquez
      JRyan Enriquez Rok temu +5

      The armed and dangerous in CSGO was fun to play. Hopefully, it would be the same on Apex!

    • T.W
      T.W Rok temu +8

      @The Big Succ Well it can't be any worse than the League Of Legends Star Guardians 2022, right?

  • Diesel
    Diesel Rok temu +95

    This will be the first collection event I get, every skin looks extremely good. I'm a fan

    • iVictor Games
      iVictor Games Rok temu +10

      I see what u did there 😂

    • Diesel
      Diesel Rok temu +1

      @iVictor Games 😂

    • m
      m Rok temu

      stop lying

    • baby YYZ
      baby YYZ Rok temu +5

      Skins looks trash😂

    • Eamon Morris
      Eamon Morris Rok temu +3

      @baby YYZ Says a child.

  • gee_ruiz
    gee_ruiz Rok temu +111

    This has to be the most excited I’ve been for an event in a minute, NGL !! I’m hyped!!

    • sokin jon
      sokin jon Rok temu

      I love it when everyone is one shot and my peacekeeper makes triple take sounds. Truly an apex experience.

  • Marco Rodrigues
    Marco Rodrigues Rok temu +19

    I love all the content but i really wish they would focus on giving characters who dont have many skins a new skin versus characters who have gotten skins in almost every event the past two seasons such as octane. would have been a great time for a newcastle maggie vantage skin

  • Orange Albatross
    Orange Albatross Rok temu +649

    The inspect animation gave me chills. This is gonna be dope.

  • HyunA is Red
    HyunA is Red Rok temu +58

    Finally! Loba’s heirloom! It looks so good I’ve been saving shards for so many seasons, I can finally use them

    • ALPHA
      ALPHA Rok temu +5

      Me crying with still no shards at level 400.

    • Joseph Mother
      Joseph Mother Rok temu

      @ALPHA yeah I got no shards when I hit 450. That’s with over 150+ packs topped up.

    • Alpacalips Profit
      Alpacalips Profit Rok temu


    • Finn
      Finn Rok temu +1

      @ALPHA over 3000 hours and countless apex packs and i still aint got no heriloomshards

    • Slipknot
      Slipknot Rok temu +2

      Man same we loba main stay strong!! 🙈🔥🔥

  • Kanazap
    Kanazap Rok temu +7

    New event looks so sick! Hope to cop some of the new cosmetics 🙂

  • Tortuga Boss
    Tortuga Boss Rok temu +7

    this actually looks like the most insane collection event ever

  • Captain cuddlzzz
    Captain cuddlzzz Rok temu +14

    Everyone is one shot, truly an Apex experience

  • LostReaper
    LostReaper Rok temu +1

    This is definitely going to be a fun event 😁

  • Man Jr.'s Gaming Chair

    I wanna see an heirloom fight between Revenant and Loba now

    • Bro37og
      Bro37og Rok temu +6

      rev wins 100%

    • TallTreeFriend
      TallTreeFriend Rok temu +5

      @Bro37og Loba would probably have some trick up her sleeve but yeah Rev needs to start being shown as the threat he is.

    • Judomaster
      Judomaster Rok temu +2

      @Bro37og nah she got his source code or something

    • Bro37og
      Bro37og Rok temu +2

      @TallTreeFriend they dont show how much of a threat he is his like a joke now even tho hes meant for killing

  • 3M Bean
    3M Bean Rok temu +3

    Lobas heirloom is sick, can't wait for the event!

  • YourJedi
    YourJedi Rok temu +1

    Am I the only one who loves the rampart skin in this event? 😮🙌🏻

  • Instagram memes
    Instagram memes Rok temu +1

    As a lifeline main I am happy for the skin

  • plush madness 1
    plush madness 1 Rok temu +3

    I haven’t touch game since the start of this season but
    A new throwing knife
    And this whole event is based around the predator
    (Love it )

  • C Klatt-Sautner
    C Klatt-Sautner Rok temu +564

    I love it when everyone is one shot and my peacekeeper makes triple take sounds. Truly an apex experience.

    • Jonh
      Jonh Rok temu +6

      It's a new game mode

    • gball321
      gball321 Rok temu +18

      Don't read profile photo NOBODY WANTS TO TRUST ME !!

    • OB1
      OB1 Rok temu +1

      Drives me crazy everyone just drops when they’re hit

    • DatMarkan
      DatMarkan Rok temu +4

      And flatline sounds like an r301

    • Captain Asparagus
      Captain Asparagus Rok temu +2

      Pretty sure that was pk sounds not triple take but yea everybody is always one shot

  • Freddy Pineda
    Freddy Pineda Rok temu +32

    I liked when the video ended at 1:39 just like my matches. Truly an Apex Legends Experience

  • switch account
    switch account Rok temu +1

    Need every collection event to be available even if it's over. It would still bring money.

  • monkukudagod1
    monkukudagod1 Rok temu +50

    This trailer is the best of them all something about its attempt on cinematic shots is so good
    those 3 finishers at the same time was sick

    • Zlyab
      Zlyab Rok temu

      Except it's impossible in the current version, since they took away the self-revive shield.

  • 𝒜𝓎𝒾𝓂
    𝒜𝓎𝒾𝓂 Rok temu +1

    The skins look so dope! I can’t wait

  • LAW - Tutorials
    LAW - Tutorials Rok temu +5

    That inspect animation on the heirloom is awesome ☺

  • Ra Ra Rasputin
    Ra Ra Rasputin Rok temu +4

    Finally, the queen is getting her heirloom ❤

  • Nomad 141
    Nomad 141 Rok temu +3

    As a Loba main, I'm getting that Heirloom, and the skins look so dope!

    • BoostedByV
      BoostedByV Rok temu +1

      What’s so good about her ? I haven’t unlocked her yet.

  • Ace
    Ace Rok temu +1

    This event is SICK😍👌

  • Ezra Barry
    Ezra Barry Rok temu +175

    That inspect animation on the heirloom is awesome

    • PhantasticMrPhasma
      PhantasticMrPhasma Rok temu

      Yet another IP used dishonestly by EA without wanting to give credit

    • Sergihoe
      Sergihoe Rok temu +6

      @PhantasticMrPhasma sthu 🤨

    • PhantasticMrPhasma
      PhantasticMrPhasma Rok temu +2

      @Sergihoe ok subordinate minion..

    • Kitten Chaos
      Kitten Chaos Rok temu +2

      @PhantasticMrPhasma you defo sit in a basement watching yt or playing League of Legends all day

  • Ayytoaster
    Ayytoaster Rok temu

    I really hope they add a pulse blade to the game. With them having the animations and coding for a throwable knife, all they need to do is to make a legend with the pulse blade. Thats it!

    • TheHippyProductions
      TheHippyProductions Rok temu

      or just make it a throwable, maybe make it do 200 damage but like only found in care packages and with no indicator of where its gonna go

  • César LaShenzy
    César LaShenzy Rok temu +1

    That's a perfect collection event. The best 4 me ❤️❤️❤️

  • Savage -_-
    Savage -_- Rok temu +3

    Thank you Apex I have been waiting for this step up big time time to load back in Apex 👍

  • Holotupoc
    Holotupoc Rok temu +2

    Lifeline finishing in the middle of the battle field with basically storm troopers aiming at her💀

  • Braylan Brown
    Braylan Brown Rok temu +52

    I think this is the first collection event where you can tell the devs actually put genuine thought and effort into all of the skins. None of them really look like an afterthought like previous events. I’ve never been excited to drain my bank account for skins until now

    • Eduardo Lopez
      Eduardo Lopez Rok temu


    • mo moo
      mo moo Rok temu

      i was just thinking the same thing hahah

    • The Sycamore in the Summer
      The Sycamore in the Summer Rok temu +5

      @mo moo Most of my friends said the horizion one was bad but that probably is the coolest skin out of all

    • noxn
      noxn Rok temu +1

      @The Sycamore in the Summer love it too, just need a horizon heirloom now :)

    • SeedialSr
      SeedialSr Rok temu

      Tbh I wish they made a predator as a legend

  • Guilherme GAMER
    Guilherme GAMER Rok temu +228

    what a wonderful heirloom, looking forward to the 20th ❤️

    • S.......
      S....... Rok temu

      @Hour Old Coffee unfortunately apex is pg

    • ֆɨʍքʟɛ_
      ֆɨʍքʟɛ_ Rok temu +2

      give me money

    • Tony Abreu
      Tony Abreu Rok temu +5

      A Whip or Cane-Whip would have been far better and more her style.

    • Ronaldo Gonçalves
      Ronaldo Gonçalves Rok temu +4

      As a Brazilian, I cannot see a best heirloom for her. Katana and ALL that stuff would be kinda off for a legend like her

    • Guilherme GAMER
      Guilherme GAMER Rok temu +1

      @Ronaldo Gonçalves I agree, it combined with the elegance of Loba, one of my favorite characters ❤️

  • Captain Blu302
    Captain Blu302 Rok temu

    Wow this Collection event looks amazing really cool skins good heirloom GUN GAME!!! yeah this is gonna be good can't wait for Sep 20! 👍✨🖤

  • Yuøęb
    Yuøęb Rok temu

    BROOO as a loba main this heirloom looks so cooool and not just that but it's hella unique and I love that

  • Maserati Bitch
    Maserati Bitch Rok temu +6

    Finally!! Us Loba mains get a W

  • MrLight0187
    MrLight0187 Rok temu +1

    Imagine if the predator skin had a cloak ability

  • UncagedMnc95
    UncagedMnc95 Rok temu +574

    I’m a rev main but that loba heirloom animation with his head was actually dope

    • William Emel
      William Emel Rok temu +1


    • Hello Dumplings
      Hello Dumplings Rok temu +16

      Rev main cringe

    • Finn9_364
      Finn9_364 Rok temu +11

      Rev main, pathetic

    • UncagedMnc95
      UncagedMnc95 Rok temu +18

      @Finn9_364 still hate loba mains but I respect cool heirloom animations. Rev still has the best one.

    • Type45D
      Type45D Rok temu +1

      @UncagedMnc95 nah ramparts is better fs

  • Ce Rex
    Ce Rex Rok temu +2

    I'm so ready for this 😭❣️❣️ Loba heirloom and helmet skin ftw

  • Fuego Designz
    Fuego Designz Rok temu +1

    The only game that adapts to their communities needs every month!

  • clederson
    clederson Rok temu

    in collection or themed events, when you buy the skin plus 3 or 7 packs at the store, you could have the option to choose the desired skin, thus providing a greater incentive to purchase collection items

  • Venus Cartoon
    Venus Cartoon Rok temu +1

    The character model is so beautiful. Especially the costumes, I really like the characters wearing clothes.

  • Chilled Laminton
    Chilled Laminton Rok temu +1

    Something tells me we are finally getting Loba's heirloom.

  • ToadTWE
    ToadTWE Rok temu +14

    Holy cow these skins look incredible. Great job to the people who worked on them

    • Lakshya Patrekar
      Lakshya Patrekar Rok temu

      I second that, cuz I don't get to say it too often lol

  • Cameron Naidoo
    Cameron Naidoo Rok temu

    LTM is the best part about this. Glad you guys are [hopefully] waking up

  • Big Luc
    Big Luc Rok temu

    finally an LTM that brings something a little different!

  • Hitoshi san
    Hitoshi san Rok temu +2

    I shatted my pants i love loba so much seeing her heirloom made me so happy thank you apex you did good for once she slay she queen she girlboss

  • Fishing with Jace
    Fishing with Jace Rok temu +2

    I love the part where the pathy grapples into a full team. Truly an Apex experience.

  • Jonathan Bach
    Jonathan Bach Rok temu +31

    I love it when all the enemies are one shot in trailers and not in game. Truly an apex experience.

    • Karen Fox
      Karen Fox Rok temu

      If apex be like in trailers the game would die

    • Toxic' TTV
      Toxic' TTV Rok temu +1

      come on this joke was funny the 442 first times it was said, it's starting to get old now

  • coopinacoupe
    coopinacoupe Rok temu

    Love the heirloom, just wish the color was different

  • rainbowxxbat
    rainbowxxbat Rok temu

    I loved capture the points mode in apex , improved my game

  • Thehaha Gamer
    Thehaha Gamer Rok temu

    Calling it now lobs’s heirloom will be the new most popular heirloom

  • MartyMcfly
    MartyMcfly Rok temu

    I hope the kraber is in the rotation with a iron sight 😭😭 probably never, it would be so nice to make it unique in this game mode

  • OTGamer95
    OTGamer95 Rok temu

    Too many dope legendary cosmetics! This event might eat my bank account… also, LOBA HEIRLOOM FINALLY!

  • Venandi
    Venandi Rok temu

    such a shame that bloodhound doesn't get a legendary skin in this event
    but it's propably because it would be too similar to the predator franchise

  • Lil Jimmy
    Lil Jimmy Rok temu

    This has to be the sickest collection of skins I've ever seen in an apex collection event

  • - Juicy_Boi -
    - Juicy_Boi - Rok temu +2

    Seeing the reward track as a free-to-play player made me very happy

    • Spore Money
      Spore Money Rok temu

      the flatline skin lookin too good 🥵

  • King of the Stream

    First time in a while that I'm getting excited for a Lifeline skin. I really wish her skins would apply to D.O.C though.

  • Sofia Costa
    Sofia Costa Rok temu +70

    Love the predator style skins!! So 80s!

  • SirShenei
    SirShenei Rok temu

    Loba should have a prestige skin with her new heirloom!!

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost  Rok temu

    They really dropped the ball with her heirloom ngl 😂😂

  • Arnu apex
    Arnu apex Rok temu +1

    We are excited for your game and lots of support to your community members for making this game . And we promote your game on PLclip thanks

    6LVCKSHEEP Rok temu +1

    The lifeline akin looks dope. Wish i played her more, i would get it for sure.

  • Abyss
    Abyss Rok temu


  • Wolf340
    Wolf340 Rok temu +46

    Yo the gun game looks sick! Can we like, keep some of these game modes please?
    Maybe when there’s more they could be on a rotation like the br maps? Like, a different one every hour ish.
    I would definitely enjoy apex more if I always had br, arenas, and at least one other thing (that doesn’t have a 3 hour que time like the ltms often do)

    • aocruby
      aocruby Rok temu +3

      Would be sick but they take them away and rerelease the game mode to draw players back to the game.

    • Azarath
      Azarath Rok temu +3

      all of us been asking that same questions with those LTM's we all really wish they keep those games modes

    • Adam Bezold
      Adam Bezold Rok temu +2

      Yeah I agree, a permanent rotation of the special modes would be great, especially since they have battle Royale and non battle Royale versions for weekly challenges

  • EpicPlayz
    EpicPlayz Rok temu +1

    This game looks so exciting, can't wait!!!💖💖💖

  • Ethan Hurst Official

    I have been WAITING for the Loba Heirloom and this is sick. Very excited!!

  • Luis Garcia
    Luis Garcia Rok temu +3

    The best part was the first 20 seconds where a team got pushed and never heard the enemy squad, truly an Apex experience.

  • iiTzNaimLess
    iiTzNaimLess Rok temu

    Hey nice event. BTW. I got dc'd and got an abandonment penalty 4 times yesterday in diamond. Also, my team and I got massive ping spikes that lasted almost all game. Lastly, no regs. I love it

  • Timyak
    Timyak Rok temu +7

    Another Collection Event I’m looking forward to playing this

  • Voodoo X3Dfx
    Voodoo X3Dfx Rok temu +2

    it's cool to see this event gonna be in game but I have a question - where's bloodhound with predator skin ? and why lifeline is being focused in this trailer with predator skin ?

  • MarkySarky
    MarkySarky Rok temu

    Run and Gun looks great!!

  • Blastburn 150
    Blastburn 150 Rok temu

    I hope the throwing knife becomes a new consumable item new season or a new legends tactical