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Apex Legends: Harbingers Collection Event Trailer

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  • Opublikowany 13 wrz 2023
  • The Messengers of Death have arrived, turning Battle Royale into “Living Shell Trios” during the Harbingers Collection Event. Unleash the new “Rev Shell”, a target-seeking grenade that chases its victims before detonating on impact. Drop into World’s Edge After Dark, a hellish version of Talos’ battleground, complete with the resurrected Train.
    But that’s not all, as darkness summons all-new items to earn on the Rewards Track, plus a Collection of 24 limited-time cosmetics like Gibraltar’s “Grave Protector” skin and matching “Eclipse Bringer” Charge Rifle skin, perfect for ushering foes to the underworld. Unlock all 24 limited-time items before the event ends and receive Fuse’s Heirloom “Razor’s Edge” - an electric guitar, tuned to shred any squad. This event truly signals the end of the world as we know it. What a time to be alive, or dead.
    Learn More: x.ea.com/apxl/harbingers-event
    Apex Legends™ is a free-to-play* battle royale game where legendary characters battle for glory, fame, and fortune on the fringes of the Frontier. Play for free now on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Origin for PC: x.ea.com/57366.
    Check out our PLclip channel: x.ea.com/56710.
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    *Applicable platform account and platform subscription (sold separately) may be required. Persistent internet connection and EA account required. Age restrictions apply. Includes in-game purchases.
    Production Company: Electronic Arts & Dark Burn Creative
    Sound Design and Mix: Respawn Entertainment & Mass Audio
    All other categories: Electronic Arts & Respawn Entertainment
  • GryGry

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  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 17 dni temu +1143

    The heirloom looks great

  • Roman Williams
    Roman Williams 17 dni temu +2798

    Shoutout to the fuse mains, this heirloom is actually insane

  • IntAddixt
    IntAddixt 17 dni temu +2401

    As a fuse main, I have been holding onto heirloom shards since season 10 waiting for the day the fuse heirloom comes, and all I can say, is Respawn did not disappoint.

    • Fixvble
      Fixvble 17 dni temu +20

      Should have been negans bat

    • ToshiPlays
      ToshiPlays 17 dni temu +3


    • Feuerklinge
      Feuerklinge 17 dni temu +12

      I was about to write the exact same comment. Except for me it was Season 11 and I would have probably addeed some stuff in CAPS and a few of these bad bois: ❤‍🔥❤‍🔥❤‍🔥

    • Logan Dash
      Logan Dash 17 dni temu +10

      @Fixvblenah fr though, some kind of explosive baseball bat that pays some homage to Lucille, but has a fuse theme

    • LoopyOne
      LoopyOne 17 dni temu +2

      We rejoice

  • Chloe Price' #1 simp
    Chloe Price' #1 simp 17 dni temu +714

    That's such a sick heirloom. It being a gift from bloodhound makes it even better.

    • Luis Fregoso
      Luis Fregoso 17 dni temu +42

      it was the pick the gift, not the guitar

    • DualRealities
      DualRealities 17 dni temu +44

      ​@Luis Fregososo he's gonna be "shredding a few blokes" with the pick?

    • Meme Kid101
      Meme Kid101 17 dni temu +12

      ​@DualRealitieshe could go John Wick style, but I do believe bloodhound gifted the Guitar

    • Tri Tam Tran
      Tri Tam Tran 16 dni temu


    • van truong thi
      van truong thi 13 dni temu


  • Vinny The Senpai
    Vinny The Senpai 17 dni temu +112

    As a rev main, thinking we had the best heirloom, I can admit that Fuse’s has just became #1

    • Swarth2300
      Swarth2300 17 dni temu +4

      Both are top tier but I agree

    • KSB1992
      KSB1992 13 dni temu +1

      Still love Rev's but I love Fusey as well and his heirloom is probably the best one in the last 7 seasons.

    • Felipe Z
      Felipe Z 13 dni temu +1

      Nah, Rev heirloom is the best.

    • Dimension GameLand
      Dimension GameLand 12 dni temu


    • Dimension GameLand
      Dimension GameLand 12 dni temu

      Maybe in your opinion I suppose

  • TheLeaf4
    TheLeaf4 17 dni temu +1418

    Fuse definitely has the best heirloom way better than a baseball bat or machete

    • Flagey
      Flagey 17 dni temu +9

      A baseball bat would’ve been better but I’m not complaining

    • boom 350
      boom 350 17 dni temu +72

      ​@FlageyNah kinda basic tbh like the kunai and crypto sword thingy

    • Flagey
      Flagey 17 dni temu +10

      @boom 350 generic is wraith

    • Andrew Selvaraj
      Andrew Selvaraj 17 dni temu +2

      @boom 350 how would a baseball bat be basic?? It wouldn’t be a sharp bladed weapon like every other heirloom lol.

    • Nick Woyurka
      Nick Woyurka 17 dni temu +41

      @Andrew Selvaraj… cause it’s a baseball bat

  • Beta
    Beta 17 dni temu +92

    GG's to all the Fuse mains, y'all got one of the best heirlooms in the whole game

  • Rhiality
    Rhiality 17 dni temu +94

    I absolutely love when the skull is thrown after Octane that the next 4 shots afterwards you see him just running and padding from it, even while the skins are being shown lol.

    • FalconCooper
      FalconCooper 17 dni temu +7

      Good catch lol that's hilarious

    • 迷子になっちゃいました
      迷子になっちゃいました 16 dni temu +1

      Ik it was hilarious 😂😂😂

    • oSiouxsie
      oSiouxsie 16 dni temu

      Bwhahaha legends say he's still runnin

    • Willyumm
      Willyumm 15 dni temu

      Right? 💀💀 I cared more bout seeing the chasedown or if he'd escape than the skins 😂

  • PLUG
    PLUG 17 dni temu +224

    The fact that he said “ it’s a present from houndy” made the herlioom 100x better 😂 love it and love fuse and bloodhound .

    • HPL Gaming
      HPL Gaming 17 dni temu +18

      Yes, glad to hear someone else saying that! Even as a Loba main, it's WAY more wholesome to see than Loba x Valk... FuseHound all the way! 😆

    • Brendan
      Brendan 17 dni temu +1

      A good bromance indeed

    • HPL Gaming
      HPL Gaming 17 dni temu +7

      @Brendan Yeah, but if you didn't know, in S15 it turned into a full ROMANCE. I hope this doesn't ruin it for you. 😅

    • Revoltine
      Revoltine 17 dni temu +2

      ​@HPL GamingIt's honestly not too in the nose and actually took time to develop, IMO. The only time it ever really gets "odd" for people not in-the-know is when Bloodhound calls him "my Walter" when in the same party.

    • Harley Price
      Harley Price 16 dni temu +1

      Bloodhound is Fuse’s woman. Sweet gift!

  • Awesomesaucechad
    Awesomesaucechad 17 dni temu +39

    That LTM looks good! They even paired the environment effects to it! It's been a while since they did something like this 👌

  • Pie is better than cake Fight me

    I love how completely extra Bloodhound was with their gift giving.

  • Filefix
    Filefix 17 dni temu +2515

    This must be the best heirloom in the game now!

  • Yio Fnjk
    Yio Fnjk 11 dni temu

    God, oh God. The heirloom looks fantastic, and I adore this at-night map. I cannot wait.

  • Auj Fnior
    Auj Fnior 11 dni temu

    Holy cow, what a gorgeous Fuse Heirloom. The wait was absolutely worthwhile.

  • Marcus Jackson
    Marcus Jackson 17 dni temu +78

    Not only is my Fusey getting his heirloom FINALLY, did anyone else notice for Worlds Edge after dark, it's the retro map??? I'm equally hyped to see that again too. W Respawn

  • H0undy!
    H0undy! 13 dni temu +8

    I’m very happy that Fusehound is a part of the heirloom, it looks sick!

    SPECTRAL_ACE 17 dni temu +777

    So cute that Bloodhound gave him his heirloom, would definitely go for it

    • HPL Gaming
      HPL Gaming 17 dni temu +67

      Yeah, I was in shock too!
      If that is the true context of this line, I guess Him and Houndy will keep being awesome together! 🤗

    • CSH
      CSH 17 dni temu +6


  • Adrian Dominguez
    Adrian Dominguez 16 dni temu

    Finally, a great event! Amazing skins, amazing heirloom, amazing map, amazing game mode and finally a mind-blowing Bangalore skin!

  • itsSHEAboi
    itsSHEAboi 17 dni temu +15

    This heirloom is absolutely perfect and these skins for the event are so badass!

  • Hippapo SK
    Hippapo SK 17 dni temu +3

    This is literally a match in heaven for me, i main fuse for like 6 seasons now, and i shred electric guitar for over a year now. I. CAN'T. WAIT

  • Keri Rodgers
    Keri Rodgers 15 dni temu +4

    i love the part when one of the devs arms reached through the screen and took 145 dollars out of my wallet for fuses heirloom, truly an apex moment

  • D D Fisher
    D D Fisher 17 dni temu +5

    Oh my God. The heirloom looks great and I’m loving this after dark map. Can’t wait!

  • The_Fuse_Maestro11
    The_Fuse_Maestro11 17 dni temu +721

    Fuse mains of the world…
    It is time! ROCK AND ROLL

  • Faraz H
    Faraz H 11 dni temu

    Thats awesome. I thought Apex was doomed. But this is a great come back. The new skull grenades, surprises in loot and old map is a great return for Apex. Thanks! I really enjoyed it!

  • Sami's world
    Sami's world 16 dni temu +1

    This season is actually so good and the heirloom is what makes it better plus i think i saw abit of worlds edge in this trailer which i would be so hyped to play in considering its been a long time since i last played in worlds edge

  • Jc
    Jc 16 dni temu

    YEEES!! Finally, Fuse's heirloom!! He looks sick! A long time coming for my favourite legend :)

  • M31s Princesa
    M31s Princesa 16 dni temu +2

    As a Mirage main that thinks our heirloom is the BEST LOOKING -I must applaud. What a hot piece of heirloom *raises glass*

  • 1,000 Subs With No Videos

    This is literally the best heirloom in the game!

  • David De Montigny
    David De Montigny 17 dni temu +17

    AFTER 10 SEASONS OF WAITING I FINALLY HAVE IT! MY FUSE HEIRLOOM :'D This is better than any leaks I saw. The details in that heirloom, including the pick... This is what I've been waiting for, thank you Respawn

    • SpaceSnakeSab
      SpaceSnakeSab 17 dni temu +1

      we waited for this for so long. we finally won! 😭

    • oSiouxsie
      oSiouxsie 16 dni temu +1

      Oof I know the feeling, I remember screaming after seeing Loba's and Rev's heirlooms. Enjoy it! Looks really good

  • HPL Gaming
    HPL Gaming 17 dni temu +85

    Glad to know there is actual new content like the LTM this time, I'm getting wicked vibes, and we're not even in Halloween yet... I knew Fuse's Heirloom would be explosively cool! 😎👌

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Never thought this day would come, but I’m excited about a collection event. Good job mates

  • Rainbow Cartoon
    Rainbow Cartoon 17 dni temu

    The content is so good that it is impossible to miss a single video of yours 😘🥰

  • Diamond
    Diamond 15 dni temu +1

    This fr looks like one of the most realistic heirlooms so far!!!

  • The Dadalorian
    The Dadalorian 17 dni temu +1

    I haven’t been this excited for an event since horizon was dropped. Fuse mains have the coolest heirloom in the game!

  • Daniella_miranda's Ways
    Daniella_miranda's Ways 17 dni temu +2

    Holy Cow that Fuse Heirloom is stunning. It was definitely worth the wait.

  • Spliityyy
    Spliityyy 17 dni temu +3

    Fuse is the legend I have the most kills with and most damage. I recently just got heirloom shards too so I can’t wait to get his heirloom.

  • Adrian Acer
    Adrian Acer 17 dni temu +4

    I'm so excited! Fuse hierloom looks sick!! This event is giving Doom energy, and I'm here for it lol.

  • Celia Ferreiros
    Celia Ferreiros 12 dni temu

    Fusehound haciendo parte de la reliquia es más de lo que pude soñar.

  • WittyTheFoxx
    WittyTheFoxx 17 dni temu +1

    Woah! This event looks awesome!! Fuses heirloom rocks too!!
    Ooh, a scary face following you around. I think I might be having nightmares when this event arrives... 😨😅
    Nightmares or not, I'm looking forward to giving it ago! After all, I'm an Apex fan!! 😁

  • Znegva
    Znegva 17 dni temu

    As a maggie main im lookin forward to see what HER heirloom will be like if respawn are making art and perfection like THIS

  • Chickuna
    Chickuna 14 dni temu

    This entire event gives me HUGE Brütal Legend vibes and I love it

  • DrGream
    DrGream 16 dni temu

    I think this is the best heirloom they've released so far

  • Matias Martinez
    Matias Martinez 17 dni temu +87

    Bro, Im not a fuse main but this is the best heirloom ever

  • PHOQUE304
    PHOQUE304 17 dni temu +1

    My fellow fuse mains!!!Our time has come!!In many seasons we have waited, and that wait is worth it.

  • Speeder Light
    Speeder Light 17 dni temu +2

    This without a doubt is the best heirloom ever!

  • KeeptainKeep
    KeeptainKeep 17 dni temu +1

    Hyped AF! Thanks Respawn for providing in-game content vs just shop content!!!

  • Optimuz
    Optimuz 17 dni temu +2

    This is the best trailer for a collection event that I’ve ever seen. Fuse’s Heirloom looks badass!

  • Christiano 445
    Christiano 445 15 dni temu +1

    One of the best heirloom in term of design or characters personality

  • HB Shadow
    HB Shadow 17 dni temu +4

    As a wraith main
    It burns my soul to see my favorite side legends (fuse and revanent) have such clean hierlooms😂😭

    • Illegal Pizza
      Illegal Pizza 11 dni temu

      But wraiths is a top 5 heirloom ask almost anyone and they'll agree

  • EyOl
    EyOl 17 dni temu +1

    That heirloom is way too badass

  • V O I D
    V O I D 17 dni temu +1

    That heirloom was in my thoughts for so long and now I’m watching this

  • m1skiboy
    m1skiboy 17 dni temu +1

    It's everything I ever could have hoped for... Thank you Respawn!

  • Kivsa
    Kivsa 11 godzin temu

    I think this is maybe the best event they pulled out,
    there's something freakish about it, a real fun.
    Hope to see more, but this time let it stay forever.
    Let the players choose and see which one of the mods excel

  • Scruffs
    Scruffs 17 dni temu +2

    Yesssss, finally Fuse's heirloom is coming out, and an electric guitar with explosives incorporated into it is exactly what I wanted his heirloom to be, fricking amazing I love it so much and I'll be an even happier Fuse main now. Also the whole collection event looks fire and explosively amazing from the skins to the World's Edge after dark and all the new stuff, I can't wait

  • Ninjabros
    Ninjabros 17 dni temu +7

    Bloodhound giving the heirloom to Fuse is adorable truly the best couple right here!

  • SadisticWsp
    SadisticWsp 17 dni temu +1

    Today as fuse mains we are gathered here to celebrate this massive W

    NEOMERCER 17 dni temu +1

    This is one of the most fitting heirlooms in the game lol. I love it.

  • poli.popoli
    poli.popoli 15 dni temu

    Спасибо за такую прекрасную реликвию 😭❤️

  • localbraddah07
    localbraddah07 17 dni temu +2

    This is an AWESOME event! Kudos developers and that Fuse heirloom is genius! Nice one.

  • Houndria
    Houndria 14 dni temu

    Such a cool event trailer :O! Loving it

  • covertsheepx mp
    covertsheepx mp 17 dni temu +3

    Finally a Fuse heirloom!! Been savin my shards 🎸🔥

  • Carl
    Carl 17 dni temu +4

    The editing is amazing and so is the quality❤ keep up the good work apex

  • Purple Rebel
    Purple Rebel 17 dni temu +1

    I'm actually excited for the collection. The skins look cool and Fuse's Heirloom is lookin' Killer (literally)

  • Alison and Dan Lindsey
    Alison and Dan Lindsey 17 dni temu +1

    This is the best heirloom in the game. Hands down.

  • Arka Chatterjee
    Arka Chatterjee 17 dni temu +111

    Honestly speaking as a guitar lover the heirloom looks sick with those chords 🔥

    • Anx
      Anx 17 dni temu +6

      Honestly as a guitar the heirloom looks sick with those chords 🔥

    • ATT _
      ATT _ 17 dni temu

      ​@Anx32 honestly as it is heirloom guitar 🔥

    • Wollfish
      Wollfish 17 dni temu +1

      With the fire and everything!!

  • LevelUp Central
    LevelUp Central 17 dni temu +2

    Fuse always be my primary legends ❤ completed almost 800+ hr with him 😊

  • Flawlead
    Flawlead 17 dni temu +1

    Been saving my heirloom shards for this exact moment!!!🔥

  • Wattson Mayhem
    Wattson Mayhem 17 dni temu +1

    The skins go hard. I beleive they realised what went wrong in Ash Heirloom because the Fuse heirloom is spectacular, just like Horizon, another W heirloom.

  • Sabersurge
    Sabersurge 17 dni temu +2

    As a rev main. I must submit my title for best heirloom to fuse mains

  • Viking Lime
    Viking Lime 17 dni temu +1

    Bro that’s literally exactly what I imagined his heirloom would be

  • Fox Howell
    Fox Howell 17 dni temu +4

    Heirlooms really should come with executions because this would be wild

  • divine_masculine69
    divine_masculine69 17 dni temu +1

    As an ex fuse main that has a 3k badge I see this as an absolute win

  • ValentineNTT
    ValentineNTT 17 dni temu

    awesome heirloom, not a fuse main but you guys finally got it and it was worth waiting

  • James Datoon
    James Datoon 17 dni temu +1

    This is such a good heirloom!!!

  • Christian
    Christian 17 dni temu +1

    As a lifeline main who I still love her heirloom the most (personal opinion) it’s nice to see another legend that uses a instrument for their heirloom! :D

  • Kentaro Chew
    Kentaro Chew 17 dni temu +1

    As a ash main here, I'm happy for all the fuse mains :')

  • Draven Tucker
    Draven Tucker 17 dni temu +1

    Dang, that was a devastating 30 dmg he did to rampart at the end

  • ScootyPuffSr09
    ScootyPuffSr09 17 dni temu

    Fuse heirloom and Fury Road homage?! I LOVE IT

  • Flares
    Flares 17 dni temu +2

    So glad i stuck with fuse since he came out this heirloom is so sick

  • K.orvair
    K.orvair 17 dni temu

    Finally, A GAME MODE..
    And I've been waiting for S3 WE since Genesis event ended.. Would rly love to see it more often.

  • Crispy Boi
    Crispy Boi 17 dni temu +55

    The fact that bloodhound gave fuse his heirloom is so cute 😭

    • Luis Fregoso
      Luis Fregoso 17 dni temu

      i think he meant about the pick, not the guitar

  • Sanjay Chakroborty
    Sanjay Chakroborty 2 dni temu

    This game is so realistic and the graphics also awesome. Just go ahead.

  • Cloaked Joat
    Cloaked Joat 17 dni temu +1

    im a fuse main been waiting too many seasons but this makes the wait worth it tenfold

  • Ernesto Humperdinck
    Ernesto Humperdinck 16 dni temu +1

    These skins look great. Might get more then one for once

  • HotBowlofSoupxz
    HotBowlofSoupxz 17 dni temu +1

    This is the best heirloom in the game hands down

  • GreenRage1977
    GreenRage1977 17 dni temu +1

    Fusey shredding is a sight I will definitely be jealous of. ⚡️🇦🇺🤟

  • heck yeah
    heck yeah 17 dni temu +33

    As a fuse main I’m so happy! Worth the wait!

  • king johnson
    king johnson 17 dni temu +1

    I’ve been waiting for this heirloom ever since I started playing apex and now that I got shards I can finally buy the only heirloom I actually want 😭😭

  • frgeez
    frgeez 17 dni temu +1

    as a electric guitar player I do automatically have to love a fire spitting electric, best heirloom in the game

  • Luke cologne
    Luke cologne 17 dni temu +1

    Well this is the best heirloom in the game hands down

  • oOoRxse
    oOoRxse 17 dni temu +1

    I was so certain that either fuse or mad Maggie would get a guitar as an heirloom so glad I was right it looks amazing!!!

  • Cryptonize
    Cryptonize 17 dni temu

    Been saving my heirloom shards for this moment 🙌

  • Serena shorts
    Serena shorts 17 dni temu +1

    Loba, Fuse y Seer tienen las mejores reliquias sin duda alguna

  • Ryan Abell
    Ryan Abell 17 dni temu +1

    Easily the coolest heirloom in the game

  • Blvze
    Blvze  17 dni temu +2

    That Fuse heirloom looks siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!!!! 🔥🔥 lets go!!

  • Christophe Boudvin
    Christophe Boudvin 17 dni temu

    Le heirloom de fuse est carrément stylé...on voit les évolutions 👌👍👍

    • Xlr8
      Xlr8 17 dni temu

      papa oute

  • Teddy Alzacama
    Teddy Alzacama 16 dni temu +1

    Just in case you're seeing this trailer and you're new to Apex, I can assure you that the stunt Fuse pulled at the end is near suicide in the game. Sheila would obliterate anyone right in front of her.

  • Nathan Race
    Nathan Race 17 dni temu +6

    Ive been a fuse main since he came out and got heirloom shards a couple seasons ago, been holding onto them for this very moment. I am more than happy

  • Rain Plumer
    Rain Plumer 17 dni temu +1

    Ok this looks great:) Fuse heirloom looks cool af and OG Worlds Edge:)

  • Mc Swizz
    Mc Swizz 14 dni temu +1

    That last shot was soooo epic 😵